Asclepia is offering the following services

  • due diligence on medicinal chemistry opportunities, companies and L&A opportunities
  • drug design, outsourcing strategies, and project management to execute Hot-to-Lead and Lead Optimization projects
  • ligand based and structure based design of libraries for particular targets (project libraries) or target classes (targeted libraries)
  • evaluation of prior art and generation of novel medicinal chemistry hypotheses, so as to obtain new composition of matter protection for Client
  • facilitation of planning and budgeting for preclinical development, scale-up, and IND filing of a drug candidates
  • scientific writing as required for manuscripts, intellectual property protection, and CMC section of IND filing
  • development of research proposals for business development and government funding
  • consulting services under confidentiality (Asclepia assigns all intellectual property rights to the Client)
  • identification of vendors in Asia, Europe, and U.S. and management of the relationship to assure succesful execution of medicinal, pharmacological and chemical development projects
  • delivery of proper analytical and experimental documentation, so that the data are ready for insertion into patent applications, regulatory fillings, and publications
  • Client will receive a full report donsistent with its requirements

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