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Medicinal Chemistry Research and Services

Asclepia Medchem Solutions offers medicinal chemistry services and consulting consisting of the combination of structure based drug design and computational chemistry with multi-disciplinary expertise. A proven track record exists in the identification and the delivery of successful drug candidates. Asclepia Medchem Solutions offers profound solutions within small molecule drug discovery and outsourcing project management.

Unique compound libraries

Asclepia’s focused compound libraries are continuously delivering (advanced) hits in drug discovery programs.

The success in hit-finding is based on the design of the compounds which is target class specific and which relies on a high level of medchem expertise. The compounds possess a high degree of tractability and allow for a preliminary structure-activity relationship analysis. As a matter of fact, customers have returned to Asclepia after the hit identification for further exploration within specific chemical series.

The compounds are novel (searches performed in different databases) and great care is taken that broad patent applications can be filed. All intellectual property belongs to the customer. The focused compound libraries are available on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis depending on the customer’s needs. Typically the libraries contain between 200 and 300 individual, diverse high quality compounds.

Since 2010, focused compound libraries are offered including preliminary biological screening data. All available screening data are reported as part of a typical collaboration with Asclepia MedChem Solutions. This concept is quite unique within the field of compound library supply.

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